eMacy’s Rises, While eSears Sinks

The Wall Street Journal: “Among a crop of five retailers analyzed by Edison Trends, including Sears, Kmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and J.C. Penney, Macy’s has seen the strongest online growth in 2018, climbing 28% in monthly order volume since January. Meanwhile, Sears’s online order volume fell 25% from January to May. Penney looks only marginally better than Sears. Though it, too, operated a big catalog business, Penney failed to make the necessary digital investments to stay ahead.”

“As Sears shutters stores—it announced another 60 closures last month—e-commerce could have been the company’s future. Instead it has fallen far behind traditional retailers, and is way, way behind its big competitors, Walmart and Target . Maybe Sears should have stuck with the catalog.”


One thought on “eMacy’s Rises, While eSears Sinks”

  1. When catalog marketing was at its height, Sears discontinued its iconic catalog. When mall stores embraced in-store experiences to lure customers, Sears reduced its sales staff. When ecommerce was recognized as a competitive threat to brick-and-mortar retail, Sears ignored it. Eddie Lampert then came along and combined K-Mart and Sears, expanded their physical store footprint, and started losing money almost immediately. His M.O. seems from the start to have been to suck as much money out of the business as he could without ever learning anything about retailing. Thus Sears, one of the most revered names in retailing for 100 years, is now irrelevant and, likely, on its way to obsolescence.

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