When is a Kmart a Tourist Attraction?

The Wall Street Journal: “Guam is the closest U.S. outpost to Asia, making its Kmart a mecca for tourists seeking an authentic American shopping experience. About 1.5 million tourists visit Guam yearly, according to a spokeswoman for Macy’s, which has a department store on the island that also benefits from the visitors.”

“Gilbert Grimm returned home to Munnsville, N.Y., last week from a Guam holiday and brought back a store T-shirt.” He comments: “The local Kmarts in this area of New York have all shut down. I remember Kmart from when I was a little kid back in the early ’60s so it was a nice souvenir to have.”

“Rodrigo Verano-Torres, of Detroit, visited the Guam Kmart last year and said he had to leave because of the crowds.”


Your Thoughts?

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