MoonPie: A Total Eclipse of the Twitterverse

Fast Company: “MoonPie’s sales are up 17%. And this is a brand that’s had no new product innovation, no significant distribution increase, and no discounting going on. And there’s no TV advertising. So all of these increases can be attributed to what we’ve been doing on social media.” ~ Dooley Tombras, EVP of MoonPie agency, the Tombras Group.

“Tombras says the brand’s Twitter voice came about out of the good ol’ fashioned necessity to stand out and get millennials to take notice.” He explains: “Moon Pie is an iconic heritage brand, but had been really sleepy for a while. The business challenge was, while they run a healthy, profitable business, their sales had plateaued. Their research showed they had much higher awareness and sales among older consumers, baby boomers, but as you went younger, that number got lower, and it really dropped off at millennials.”


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