Silly Question: Are Your Customers Good Artists?

The New York Times: “When 156 people were recently asked if they could draw some of the world’s most iconic brand logos from memory, some of their recreations were laughably off the mark … fewer than one-fifth of the participants could remember the correct positioning of the familiar blue-and-red rectangle of Domino’s, or the three black stripes of Adidas. Even Target — whose emblem involves a simple red bull’s-eye above the brand name — confused people: 41 percent forgot the number of circles.”

“A study conducted in 2014 by psychologists at the University of California, Los Angeles similarly asked 85 participants if they could draw the familiar Apple logo from memory. More than half the subjects even identified themselves as strictly Apple users. Yet only one could draw the icon perfectly, as scored by a 14-point rubric.”

“Perhaps the most surprising result of the study was the company that fared best: Ikea. The Swedish furniture maker with the distinctive blue-and-yellow logo plastered across its giant retail stores was redrawn near-perfectly by 30 percent of the participants … The hardest logo to draw was Starbucks, which was redesigned in 2011.”


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