Alacrity Matters: Rise of the 5-Minute Meeting

The Wall Street Journal: “Agile-management techniques embraced years ago by tech companies are bringing brief daily check-in meetings to marketing, e-commerce, advertising and other fields. The move is shattering some workplace rites and routines: Long-winded monologues and PowerPoints are out. There’s no time for small talk, and less tolerance for 30- or 60-minute meetings when five to 15 minutes will do. Participants must learn to distill their ideas and requests to the conference-room equivalent of an elevator pitch.”

“Employees at Scrum50 start brief daily meetings right on time and finish some in as little as four to six minutes, says Chris Parker, managing partner of the South Norwalk, Conn., digital marketing agency. ‘If you’re five or six minutes late, you’ve missed it’ … Creative professionals used to making polished presentations must briefly explain mere seeds of ideas or works-in-progress instead.”

However, Lyde Spann of Netamorphosis, a New York e-commerce company, notes: “An adverse effect of this kind of efficiency is that meetings used to be a time to connect. You’d ask people how their weekend was. You build relationships. We run the risk of missing that.”


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