Nestle’s Supermarket Barge

Business Insider: “Nestlé, the world’s largest packaged food conglomerate, came up with a way to spread its presence abroad: sponsor an Amazonian river barge to sell its products to the backwoods of Brazil … the boat was a way to expand in hard to reach parts of Brazil, reports the New York Times. Since 2010, the boat delivered tens of thousands of cartons of milk powder, yogurt, chocolate pudding, cookies, and candy to isolated communities in the Amazon basin.”

“According to The New York Times, the boat was taken out of service in July 2017, but private boat owners have taken over to fill the demand.”

“The program, called ‘Nestlé Takes You Onboard,’ was part of a larger effort of Nestlé’s door-to-door marketing campaign … Nestlé currently also employs thousands of local vendors, who sell its products to quarter-million households, many of which are in isolated, low-income areas of Brazil … The ‘supermarket’ boat, which measured 1,076 square feet, journeyed to 18 cities and up to 800,000 consumers on the Para and Xingu rivers in Brazil … It carried 300 different items, including chocolate, yogurt, ice cream, and juices.”


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