Wingtip Club: Like Costco For Millionaires

Business Insider: “Wingtip Club charges monthly dues and a one-time admission fee between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on the number of visits a member wants to make annually. It’s a pioneer among the handful of brands that pamper and offer places to socialize inside brick-and-mortar shops — a tactic to help them compete with popular online retail companies like Bonobos, Everlane, and Amazon.”

“Wingtip Club opened its first San Francisco store in 2008 and piloted the clubhouse at a barbershop nearby in 2010. The two concepts combined at the current address in 2012 … currently has about 900 members, with an average age of 45. Women make up about 11% of membership … A ‘visiting’ membership includes five visits per year and costs $25 in monthly dues and a one-time membership fee of $1,200. The more frequent ‘social’ membership allows six visits per quarter (24 times a year) and costs $125 in monthly dues and a one-time fee of $2,000.”

“All membership levels come with a 10% store discount.”


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