Detroit Hires a Storyteller-in-Chief

The Guardian: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan “has hit on a new way to remodel the narrative of a city beset by a history of decay, race riots and violence: hire an official ‘chief storyteller'”, Journalist Aaron Foley.

“The $75,000 position, believed to be the first of its kind in the US, was conceived to give Detroiters a way to connect and discuss issues that don’t get covered by the city’s traditional media, and part of a dedication … to create a ‘meaningful and impactful ways to give Detroiters and their neighborhoods a stronger voice’ … the stories, interviews and first-person accounts Foley and his small staff of reporters are producing will be focused on the present and the reality of living in the city, and will be featured on social media, the city’s cable channels and a new locally focused website, The Neighborhoods, which launched last week.”

“The two stories already up on the chief storyteller’s website include a piece about a visit to Boynton’s RollerCade, the first black-owned roller rink in the US, opened in 1954. In another entry, Foley surveys a Bangladeshi cricket ground in the disused Detroit library parking lot in what is now called Banglatown.”


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