Kroger Kits Curate Dinnertime Solutions

Business Insider: Kroger is diving into the fast-growing meal-kit business. The supermarket chain is offering meal kits — or packages that contain recipes and accompanying ingredients — at a handful of stores and launching them nationwide over the next year.”

“Kroger has two major advantages compared to Blue Apron. First of all, Kroger’s boxes are cheaper, costing about $14 for a meal that feeds two people. Kroger also goes a step further than Blue Apron by doing most of the food prep for customers. No chopping, slicing, dicing, grating, or other work is necessary — all the ingredients are ready to be cooked. This means the meals can take a lot less time to make. Kroger says its meals take about 20 minutes to prepare ‘from kit to fork,’ whereas Blue Apron meals tend to require about 45 minutes of prep and cooking time.”


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