DoughDici: $38 Pizza, By Reservation Only

The New York Times: “Sofia Pizza Shoppe, in the well-heeled Sutton Place section of Manhattan, is (introducing) a $38 pizza that requires an online ticket purchase and is available only a few nights each week, for a limited number of seatings. Only one pie will be made for each seating.”

“The pie, called the DoughDici, is a two-inch-tall, puffy-crust pizza with a crisp edge and a blanket of red sauce, fresh mozzarella and grated cheeses. Pizza obsessives may liken it to a soufflé for its dough, which traps air to form an elevated structure … The first round of four tickets, for two nights this week, sold out on the day they were announced.”

Sofia’s Thomas DeGrezia comments: “We didn’t set out to create a pizza event, but once we realized that we wanted it to be an in-house-only pie to best ensure quality, we decided it needed to be a bit more experiential. Since our shop is so small, we added the stools, reservations and drinks.”


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