Emotion Detection: The New Face of Customer Service

Medium: “Companies like Microsoft, Kairos and Affectiva are staking claims in the world of emotion detection. These technologies read faces to detect emotions … Emotion detection will initially be used to measure ad effectiveness and to optimize ads and content. This same emotion detection technology will be able to help customer service agents better manage the their customers’ expectations. Human agents will be able to monitor emotions and mood and make offers to increase satisfaction or cross sell additional products at opportune times.”

Meanwhile: “Imagine that you had a questions that you wanted to ask your doctor, so you launch the HealthTime app and the image of a human agent pops up on your phone asking, ‘How can I help?’ The service always loads instantly, and … you never have to re-explain your issue or question. The agent is consistent — it’s the same human avatar every time — and he/she is non-threatening and even fun to chat with …The avatar is never rude or condescending because the AI literally knows what that experience looks like and can intervene before such behavior appears.”

“HealthTime may take a minute to research or come back to you with more specific questions, but if the service can’t find the answer shortly, then it calls you back at a convenient time. In fact, the service can tell how you are feeling right now, whether you want to be chatty, cheered up, or you just want to cut to the chase; it senses when you start to get irritated and compensates; and it intentionally ends on a high note delivering a shot of satisfying dopamine right at the end of the call.”


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