A Grocer’s Story: Introducing Krogerstories.com

Supermarket News: “Krogerstories.com … utilizes long and short form stories, videos, photos and other content from freelance writers, store employees and the company’s marketing arm … The project represents something of a new way for Kroger to pursue credit for its local branding and charitable efforts, while joining a trend toward utilizing ‘content’ as an element of a branding story.”

Kroger’s Jessica Adelman explains: “We believe customers, associates and other stakeholders are increasingly making decisions about where to shop, where to work, and who shares their values based on how well they understand the ways a company makes a difference for their people, communities and the planet. And in this equation, we believe that stories — credible, authentic, human stories — matter more than perhaps anything else.”

In its debut, Krogerstories.com featured “a contributed article from an artist at work on a mural project in urban Cincinnati communities supported by the company; a story highlighting how Kroger’s California based Ralphs and Food 4 Less brands are utilizing food waste to support an organic energy plant; and a video providing a peek into the company’s ‘food styling studio,’ among several other pieces of content.”


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