Client-Centric Offices: Like a Hotel Lobby

The Wall Street Journal: “A number of businesses in the New York area are designing offices with a focus on creating less formal meeting environments for clients, ranging from couches and stools in office cafes to small meeting rooms and game areas … Today, a visit from a client might involve not just a meeting or two but also an extra hour to have coffee or plug into the free Wi-Fi and work. In some cases, companies even encourage clients to bring clients of their own.”

“Morningstar Inc.’s offices at 4 World Trade Center were planned with a variety of spaces to work in and meet … Clients can access informal areas that include Wi-Fi, a cafe, high-backed couches, chairs around coffee tables, a semi-enclosed auditorium and spectacular views of One World Trade Center and the city. Among the goals was to create a space where employees could connect with clients directly. The designers found that Morningstar’s customers started spending more time there between meetings or before traveling to the airport.”

Lenny Beaudoin of CBRE Group comments: “A great office is starting to look like a hotel lobby, and a great hotel lobby is starting to look like a place where work can get done.”


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