In-Store: Walmart App Promises Faster Transactions

The Washington Post: “Walmart is making yet another bid to speed up its in-store shopping experience. The big-box chain is creating express lanes in its pharmacy and money services areas, in which customers will be able to use new functions in the Walmart app as part of the transaction process. By allowing shoppers to do some things in the app instead of at the counter, and by letting them bypass the main queue, the theory is that customers should get in and out of the store more quickly.”

“In the new set-up, customers can input key information directly to the app before coming to the store. This eliminates a tedious in-store process in which they filled out paperwork by hand, only to stand by as a Walmart employee keyed all that information into a computer. Similarly, in the pharmacy department, customers will be able to complete a transaction by coming to the counter, entering a PIN on their phones, and then using their phones to scan a code displayed at the register. The hope is that this shortened process alleviates a key customer pain point.”

“The express lanes in both pharmacy and money services departments will arrive in a limited number of stores in March and should be available in almost all of the chain’s 4,700 locations by fall.”


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