Mall Writer: Novel Idea for Shopping Experience

Quartz: “The Mall of America, parthenon of consumerism, is looking for the next Joan Didion …you can apply to be the first writer-in-residence at the US’s biggest shopping mall. The writer will spend five days inside the mall, which has its own aquarium and theme park, and record ‘on-the-fly impressions.’ In return, the shopping center, which measures 5.6 million square feet, will pay the winner $2,500 and put him or her up in a hotel for four nights.”

“Its panel of submission reviewers will weigh ‘creativity’ over quality, and the work can’t be critical of any aspect of the mall … The writer will also be expected to work from 11am to 7pm, and has to physically sit at a public desk in the mall for at least four hours per day. Pending approval, the winner may also have her work displayed in ‘almost-real time’ on a large monitor inside the building, and it ‘may scroll continuously’ throughout the day.”


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