Ikinari: The Stand-Up Steakhouse

The Wall Street Journal: “Ikinari Steak … in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood, is a ‘standing’ restaurant, where patrons feast—upright—at any of the 40 spots at high-top tables. For those who prefer a traditional dining option, 10 chairs also are available. The concept comes by way of Japan, where Ikinari Steak is a fast-growing chain with 116 locations, according to founder Kunio Ichinose. Mr. Ichinosesees the chain catching on in New York, too, and has plans to open 10 additional locations in the city in the next year.”

“By having patrons stand, tables tend to turn over more quickly. The higher traffic lets Ikinari Steak keep prices relatively low. A sirloin weighing 200 grams (7.1 ounces) costs $16, for example. At some of New York’s better-known steakhouses, prices often can run double that amount.”

“Ikinari Steak further distinguishes itself by keeping its menu simple: three cuts—the sirloin, along with filet and rib-eye. Each platter comes with a side of vegetables, though potatoes are an option. Wine and Japanese beer are available. The restaurant has a no-tipping policy.”


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