The Volta V: A Return to Wooden Computers

The Wall Street Journal: “The Volta V, available next month, is a simple-but-elegant, wood-encased desktop model … It’s made by Computer Direct Outlet, a ‘small-batch’ manufacturer based in Greenville, S.C. Although the Volta V’s enclosure is decidedly low tech—made of either bamboo or walnut—the computer is packed with the latest technology: a high-end motherboard, graphics card and solid-state hard drive; 4K video and liquid cooling are options for all models. (It’s up to you to keep this thing classy with your choice of monitor, keyboard and mouse.)”

“The case of the Volta V pops open easily to allow you to swap out components to your heart’s desire … Need a larger hard drive to store all of the videos you shot on vacation? With the Volta V, that’s no problem. Just remove the case’s cover (it’s held in place with strong magnets, so no tools are required), then disconnect the old drive and attach the new one. All components are spread out on one level for easy access.”



Your Thoughts?

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