Delaktig: IKEA’s ‘Open-Source’ Sofa

The Wall Street Journal: IKEA “plans to roll out soon what it calls its first ‘open source’ sofa—a piece of furniture designed to be easily customized to fit a space, or change functions entirely over time. Customers can clip on a lamp, or side table, or in a few minutes, turn the sofa into a bed. The Delaktig, Swedish for ‘being part of something,’ is expected to hit stores in early 2018.”

“The company hopes third-party designers will spring up to create complementary products that can clip onto the piece, or modify its use … The move is a further embrace of a trend the world’s largest furniture maker has been quietly encouraging for years. It has long inspired an online community of ‘hackers’ who share ideas for how to modify IKEA products.”

“The concept is part of a broader push at IKEA to cater to the world’s fast-expanding urban population, living in increasingly cramped spaces. It has accelerated a push to design products intended to maximize space, including multipurpose furniture and indoor hydroponic units. IKEA said Delaktig was inspired by Apple Inc., which helped create today’s app universe by allowing developers to create them for the iPhone. The company said it is also taking a page from the car industry, building a common, resilient platform upon which to create different models.”


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