Porky Lights: The Beatlemania of Diet Sausages

The Guardian: “Look out of your window and you may notice we’re living in the midst of the sausage equivalent of Beatlemania – supermarkets selling out as slimmers bulk buy, arguments in the aisles over the last box.”

“Launched late last year, Porky Lights were not an immediate success, selling just 2,000 units a week. Then dieters’ club Slimming World decided to award the Porky Light just half a ‘syn’ on their points table – by comparison, regular bangers are five syns. Slimming Worlders soon realised that, at a 10-times multiple, swapping-out bacon for Porkys meant that the full English breakfast could become a human right rather than an aspiration. Surrey-based manufacturer G White’s reckon it is now shifting 170,000 a week, and supply remains tight.”

“The notion of a diet sausage may appear confusing, but the basic idea has been around for a while. ‘It’s just that most of them aren’t very nice,’ explains Chris Price, managing director of G White & Co … Price is reluctant to talk about exactly what in the manufacturing process makes these different, admitting only that: ‘It’s a third-generation family business. So, these are flavour profiles we’ve had access to for years, and this one seemed to fit.’ Price assures us the key ingredient remains pork, but at 78 calories apiece, the other ingredient may well be voodoo.”


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