Hotel Thermostats: Out of (Your) Control

The Wall Street Journal: First the elevator-door buttons, now this: “It’s not your imagination. Hotel thermostats often aren’t under your control. Unknowing guests around the world are left to push thermostats up and down in vain. Fixing the problem requires a degree—or six or seven—as well as a bit of a mischievous streak.”

“One Tumblr blog, thermostatbypass, collects bypass instructions. Travelers have posted YouTube videos on various thermostat models. A Disney hotel discussion board also has thermostat bypass instructions. On some Inncom thermostats, for example, hold down Display then tap Off then tap the Up arrow. That puts the unit in VIP mode, giving control back to the occupant … Overall, hotels say new systems increase guest comfort and reduce costs … The New York Hilton has a system that keeps unoccupied rooms at 78 degrees and then automatically sets the thermostat to 74 when a guest checks in. The system cools the room down in about 5 minutes.”

“Thermostat issues don’t rank high in Expedia or TripAdvisor hotel complaints. But some travelers are plenty hot. A reviewer of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Northeast in Wichita, Kan., complained of having to get up and wave at the thermostat. ‘This is a horrible way to treat a guest.’ The hotel responded saying the thermostat vendor ‘assured us that this will not be a problem.’ But after the complaint, the hotel decided to disable the motion sensors.”


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