Logophobia: When The Croc Bites Back

The Wall Street Journal: “A branding backlash has some people working hard to remove logos and names from their clothes and accessories. Blogs and online discussion forums offer tips on scratching off the Ray-Ban logo from lenses, peeling away the Ralph Lauren emblem from new pairs of leather shoes and using a felt-tip marker to hide the Under Armour symbol on sports gear … For embroidered logos, some brand-phobics use a seam ripper—a small tool for unpicking stitches—but the method is time consuming. Each thread has to be pulled out carefully to keep the underlying fabric pristine.”

“Research shows that mid-tier brands often have the loudest logos because their buyers want to signal wealth. Seasoned luxury shoppers may prefer more subtle branding … Discerning shoppers who can identify a Brooks Brothers shirt from the six-pleat shirring at the cuffs or an Alden loafer from its distinctive stitching are ‘part of your tribe,’ said Jerrod Swanton, age 37, of Springfield, Ohio.”

“Jeff Taxdahl, owner of Thread Logic, a custom logo embroidery company … has a warning for logo tamperers. ‘Unless you’re fairly skilled at it, you would destroy the shirt … and once you get the threads out, the outline of the image may still exist due to the needle holes’ … That is a risk some shoppers are willing to take. “I don’t want to be seen in their stores, let alone wear the moose” says Ian Connel, Abercrombie & Fitch shopper. “He turned the shirt inside out and painstakingly removed each thread. ‘It has a few small holes,’ he said, ‘but it’s still better than having the logo’.”


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