Streaming Didn’t Kill The Video Store

The Wall Street Journal: “Owners and customers of the more than 100 independent and nonprofit video stores still kicking throughout the U.S., often in places with strong locavore food scenes, say the stores offer variety film lovers can’t find elsewhere … They allow a browsing experience impossible online and serve as libraries for movies and TV shows that will likely never transfer to an online format.”

“Creative marketing and a 90,000-title library have helped keep 25-year-old Movie Madness in business in Portland, Ore. Customers there can explore a collection of authentic movie costumes and props, including a dress worn by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and a bar of soap used to promote Fight Club.

“Kevin Swan, 29, was mostly a mainstream movie fan when he first stumbled upon Chicago’s nonprofit film organization, Facets, which rents films in person and via the mail. When he began dating his wife, who is Iranian-American, he rented some of Iran’s most famous offerings. Ongoing conversation with the Facets staff turned curiosity into true love for foreign films, and he now takes advantage of Facets’s large Middle Eastern catalog. ‘You can’t do that on Netflix,’ Mr. Swan says.”


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