Megatablets: Cool for Collaboration

The Wall Street Journal: “Gigantic touch-screen devices are sneaking into business, both as tools for customers and to get serious work done … Until now, collaboration on computing devices has been through the devices; think of a chat session or a shared document. On megatablets, collaboration happens with others, in person, as participants manipulate the device or share their work. It’s a new model of interaction, and in the right circumstances, it works beautifully.”

“In a sense, these ginormablets combine four devices found in most office conference rooms: a whiteboard, a videoconferencing system, a projection system and the laptops people bring to meetings to take notes and manipulate shared documents … Most of the devices can run Tactivos Inc.’s collaboration software Mural, which lets a roomful of people write, add sticky notes, bring in graphics from the web and perform a dozen other tricks on a giant, scrollable whiteboard.”

McDonald’s “is testing gigantic touch-screen kiosks for ordering meals … Aside from their visual impact, gigantic screens can make it easier for families to collaborate on orders … At some point, it might make sense to put gigantic touch-screen devices anywhere they might be useful—at home, at school, at work. Anywhere, in other words, that people collaborate.”


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