Iceland vs. Iceland: Frozen Food Fight

Quartz: “For decades, a supermarket chain called Iceland has been selling food—much of it frozen—to the UK public. But in recent months its name has begun to annoy the island nation of Iceland, and now the country has decided to take the supermarket to task.”

“Iceland, the supermarket chain famed for its chilly bargains, contests that there’s little likelihood of actual confusion between the shop and the sovereign state of Iceland, the country famed for its hot springs and volcanoes. The chain has about 800 stores that employ 25,000 people—a workforce close to 10% of Iceland the country’s total population in number.”

“The chain, which is run by a maverick millionaire but caters to mainly to poorer shoppers who buy very cheap products, said it processes about 5.5 million transactions every week. It therefore seems safe to assume that more people shop in Iceland the supermarket than live in the whole of Iceland the country, which has a population of 323,000.”


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