Brands & Bonds: Making Nice Makes Money

The Wall Street Journal: “In 2012, Tom Gardner, chief executive of the financial-services company Motley Fool, issued a challenge to his 250 employees: To get the 20% annual bonus the company normally gave, each employee would have to know the name of every other employee by year’s end. If one person got it wrong, no one would get the bonus. Employees met the challenge. Mr. Gardner’s goal was to build stronger bonds and enhance the organization’s broader culture. He might be onto something: The company says that its employee-turnover rate is lower than 2%.”

“When Google studied more than 180 of its active teams, the company found that who was on a team mattered less than how team members interacted, structured their work and viewed their contributions. Employees on teams with more psychological safety were more likely to make use of their teammates’ ideas and less likely to leave Google. They generated more revenue for the company and were rated “effective” twice as often by executives.”


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