30,000 Feet: The Ascent of Bad Behavior

The Wall Street Journal: “A lot of things happen on airplanes that don’t regularly occur at the mall, theater, ballpark or neighbor’s house. The thin air and high stress, plus attitudes toward airlines and their employees, seem to foment rude, even violent behavior—not to mention all the disgusting things your mother told you never to do at home.”

“The International Air Transport Association, a Geneva-based airline trade association, says unruly passenger incidents are growing at a rapid clip world-wide. Airlines reported 10,854 unruly passenger incidents to IATA in 2015, up nearly 17% from the prior year. That’s about 30 incidents a day … “’t does seem the issue is getting worse,’ says Chris Goater, IATA spokesman in Geneva.”

“Asked whether air-travel conditions—high load factors, cramped seating, baggage fees and space shortages, delays and long lines—play a role, Mr. Goater of the IATA says airlines don’t think there’s evidence.”


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