Silver Screeners: A New ‘Golden Age’ in Cinema

The Guardian: “In America and Canada, 15% of over-60s were defined as ‘frequent moviegoers’ in 2015, up from 14% the year before and 10% the year before that. It is a similar story in the UK, where between 2008 and 2015 the share of over-55s in the audience increased every year (apart from 2011), hitting a peak of 12.5% last year.”

“More than the actual films though, it is the surrounding experience at the cinema that is pulling this generation through the doors … comfort levels have been rising dramatically as ‘silver screeners’ attend in greater numbers.” For example: “An increase in depth, as well as the width, of seats means that often you now don’t have to stand up to allow others to get by on their way to the toilet.”

” … Unlike in multiplexes, independent cinemas look to create a welcoming environment for older people by making sure sound-absorbent materials are fitted into front of house areas so that customers can ‘hear one another without difficulty’ … cinemas are also increasingly convenient for a mature audience to access … instead of making the traditional move to seaside resorts, a large chunk of well-to-do retirees … are instead opting for market towns where they can continue to be active. As wealthy pensioners increasingly live in urban hubs, going to the movies has never been easier for them.”


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