Spirit Airlines: Operations = The Experience

The New York Times: “Spirit Airlines is ready to shake off its bad-boy streak and grow up a little … the new chief executive, Robert Fornaro, six months into his job, says he is ready to put a new face on Spirit and a new emphasis on customer service. The makeover also includes toning down the frat-boy image, cleaning up the cabins and maybe even getting more of the planes to arrive on time.”

He comments: “There is a big change in terms of focusing on our operations. This is how we want to be viewed: on time, friendly, clean and efficient.”

“Mr. Fornaro … argues that he can improve on-time and complaint ratings without incurring higher costs … By paying to improve operations, he said, the airline would cut down on expenses in other areas, like fees it incurs when it has to reimburse passengers for canceled flights. It would also cut down on overtime needed to pay staff who work longer hours because of delays. ‘If we run a better operation, we’ll have lower recovery costs,’ he said.”


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