Smart-Lock Enables Direct-to-Fridge Deliveries

The Wall Street Journal: “In Sweden, groceries and fresh food can be delivered in your absence and directly to where they belong: your kitchen and fridge. A Scandinavian courier company, PostNord AB, and supermarket chain, ICA AB, are testing the new service with about 20 households in the Swedish capital, promising that messengers will remove their shoes and unpack online deliveries, even when customers are away.”

“The pioneering service hinges on a new add-on lock, which customers must install on their doors and which messengers can open with their smartphones … The Swedish experiment is part of a global race aimed at solving one of the main headaches facing retailers and logistics companies … elusive customers … In-home, in-absentia delivery could help the logistics industry meet a continued surge in online commerce … Unlike some more futuristic ideas, such as drone deliveries, the Swedish proposal appears to have the potential of quickly becoming operational on a large scale.”


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