Why Is Laundry Detergent So Difficult To Measure?

The Washington Post: “The measuring caps on liquid laundry detergent containers are universally difficult to read, because of faint markings that blend in with the plastic cups. Without perfect lighting conditions and sharp vision, this has left many consumers squinting to see where the line is that they should fill to. And the related instructions are often vague … While impossible to pinpoint exactly how much detergent is wasted, experts say a significant portion of the industry’s revenues come from excess use of detergent that consumers didn’t need to use to clean their clothes.”

“Experts say a good measuring cap is doable — all that’s needed is a contrasting color to mark the lines consumers should fill to … Yet laundry detergent companies stick with a design that has its roots in the 1930s, when a patent was issued for a measuring top for containers … For the foreseeable future, consumers struggling to find the perfect detergent dose for their laundry will have to keep making do.”


Your Thoughts?

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