Your Mouse Says You’re Angry

The Wall Street Journal: “Santa Claus probably knew if you were naughty or nice, but your computer mouse knows whether you are angry, fearful or stressed. The part about the mouse, at least, comes from a new paper by researchers at universities on both sides of the Atlantic. Building on prior research into mood and muscle control, the scientists show that bad feelings increase the distance and reduce the speed of mouse-cursor movements, which could let computers detect users’ emotional states from their clicks.”

“The scientists found that mouse movements allowed them to detect the presence of negative emotion with 82% accuracy … One obvious application for these findings: Web developers could alter their pages based on which areas or tasks seem to induce telltale cursor movements indicating user unhappiness. Companies might even build in automated apologies—or notify customer service—when a user’s mouse movements indicate that a frustration threshold has been reached.”

“Why do bad feelings influence mouse movements? The scientists think that negative emotions impair the brain’s processing capacity and undermine users’ ability to focus.”


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